Ready to Run – Team CCM runs CIM


The time has come!  We have trained!  We have trained for our training! We have run! We have walked! We have laughed! We have cried! We have done all of things – or near well MOST of the things and now the time has come to run the race.  This weekend 15 awesome women and my adorable husband will pull on their TeamCCM shirts and their running shoes to participate in the 31st annual California International Marathon on four relay teams.  I have to be real right now, Jill and I are RIDICULOUSLY proud of you guys.  Like, almost to a weird place are we proud – but we don’t care because YOU LADIES (and Dustin) DID THIS!  You trained hard, you ran farther than you ever had before, and this weekend you are going to be part of a team that will run over 100 miles collectively.  Basically, you’re amazing.


We know running can be hard.  Because, DUDE, running is HARD for us.  But!  We are better people because we run.  Better moms, better wives, better humans.  We aren’t perfect or fast (or even in the general vicinity of fast, really) but we are out there.  And sure, we skip a run or five because we hate running in the rain or are buried in obligations, or whatever – but still! We get up, we get out and we get it done.  All that effort, all the nights without enough sleep, the tired legs, the being stupid hungry ALL. THE. TIME, the expensive shoes and constant fear of wondering if we can really do it all pays off this weekend.  This weekend we will line up with our friends, pound out some miles and share 26.2 miles with our team mates.  The feeling of completing a run is only out shown by the feeling of that metal being placed on your neck.  Because with every mile – YOU EARNED THAT MEDAL.


To show you JUST how proud we are, I put together a little video montage of the photos you shared with the Team CCM hashtag on social media.  Thanks for being a part of this team!  We can’t wait to run MANY more miles with you – no matter how fast or slow they might be!  Congratulations on a huge accomplishment – the race is the icing on this very smelly cake. :)


 We will be announcing some of Team CCM’s races for 2015 in the next week.  We hope you’ll join us on a 5K, 10K or half marathon in the new year.  Until then, follow #teamcmm and #CCMrunsCIM on social media to keep up with our race this weekend!!  Run on my friends!  RUN ON!

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    December 5, 2014 at 5:54 am

    Good luck to everyone!

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