Sarah’s Favorite Vegan Kitchen Gadets

Actually, I should probably call this post just “Sarah’s Favorite Kitchen Gadgets” since I’ve had most of them since before I was vegan.  In fact, many of them were purchased when I was Paleo… but that’s another story.  This is about the things in my kitchen that I just couldn’t live without.  And these items I’m about to share with you have made the dietary shift we’ve been making a bit easier.  Food prep is a huge part of if we succeed at eating well.  If I don’t have things prepared, it’s SO easy to fall off course.  But, if I take the time to get stuff together, well, then it works SO MUCH BETTER!  HOORAY!  Today I’m sharing my favorite gadgets I use for food prep as well as general cooking.  Soon I’ll share how I prep everything with you.  Brace yourself! It’s bound to be awesome.  But first, here are the things I just can’t live without in my kitchen.

instapotThe Instant Pot 1000-Watts 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker IP-DUO60, 6-Quart is my new favorite item in my kitchen.  My mom got it months ago, and never pulled it out of the box.  Then, when we went Vegan and there were so many more long cooking grains in my life I knew it was time to bust that bad boy open and OH MY GOODNESS I am SO happy we did.  I love how many things this little miracle pot can do.  It’s a pressure cooker, slow cooker and all around work horse.  From soups to rice to yogurt, this thing can do it all!  Our favorite Lentil Quinoa Taco recipe is meant to be made in a slow cooker, but last week I forgot to start it in time for dinner to be ready before we were supposed to be asleep.  So! We tried it in the pressure cooker and it was WONDERFUL!  The lentils weren’t as mushy, so the texture was meatier.  It only took an hour instead of nine!  And I had doubled the recipe so we’d have lots of leftovers!  We’ve  made last minute rice and quinoa, beans and stews so far in this little beauty and I LOVE IT!  I can’t recommend it enough!!  It makes getting dinner on the table much easier to do… even on nights where we have ALL THE THINGS.  There is even a set it and forget it mode.  LOVE!!!!

spiralizerMy next favorite kitchen gadget is thePaderno World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer.  This thing is awesome!  From Zoodles to curly sweet potato fries to sliced apples this thing is THE BEST!  One thing I’m struggling with as a former Paleo eater come Vegan is the carbs.  There are SO MANY CARBS!  And while it’s been fine for my mom (she’s lost a considerable amount of weight this month) it has not been so fine for me.  Despite keeping to plan, running over 70 miles this month and doing kettle bell workouts my weight hasn’t changed at all.  I think this is most likely because I’ve been having a hard time managing my carb and protein intake.  This little wonder makes that a bit easier by letting me make some noodle alternatives and prettying up my salads.  I’m SO happy this lives in my kitchen!

knivesAnother HUGELY important part of my kitchen are my knives.  You guys, I LOVE my knives more than I probably should.  Chopping veggies and all that jazz is SO STRESS RELIVING for me!  It’s probably why I do okay with the food prep stuffs… I love to chop!  These
J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Fine Edge Pro 2-pc Asian Knife Set are some of my favorite knives! There are two, a 7 inch and a 5 inch and those two sizes are perfect for just about everything. Hands down, my FAVE knives and what I reach for more than any other.

cuttingboardI couldn’t be nearly as productive with those knives if it wasn’t for my Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board – 18×12 Thick Strong Bamboo Wood Cutting Board with Drip Groove by Premium Bamboo®.  I love a BIG cutting board.  LOVE IT!  And I am pretty particular about how I cut things.  I end up putting a scrap bowl out so I can easily discard  the scraps that come with breaking down veggies and all that without messing up my pretty counters.  This board allows plenty of room for big jobs as well as small.  The drip groove is perfect for not getting water and veggie juices all over the counter too.  It’s fantastic!  

sharpenerAnother really important part of my kitchen and routine is my Priority Chef Knife Sharpener, 2 Stage Knife Sharpening System, Black.  There is NOTHING worse than a dull knife.  NOTHING!  And having this in the knife drawer in my kitchen makes my life so much easier.  I drag my knife through a few times before I start my cutting work and the blade is delightfully sharp and precise.  It’s so much bang for the buck!  There is nothing more annoying to someone trying to prep a weeks worth of food than a dull knife (Jill… are you reading this?) so sharpen up already!  Get this sexy knife sharpener! 

julianAnd finally, my final fave kitchen gadget is this super fun Zyliss Julienne Peele.  If I don’t want to bust out the spiralizer for a single serving of zoodles I just grab this!  It’s also great for adding fun stuff to salads and other dishes. I use it on carrots, peppers, jiccama, celery, turnips, cucumbers etc to brighten dishes up.  I love making tacos, and will say I’ve missed cheese sometimes.  Weirdly, julienning up a carrot and adding it to the taco makes it LOOK like cheese and I find it super satisfying.  It’s also great for making slaw of any kind.  I’m able to throw in SO many more veggies with this baby.  It’s a great gadget for a healthy kitchen.

 So those are some of my favorite things that help me keep a prepared, vegan kitchen.  What about you?  Have any kitchen gadets you just couldn’t live without??  Share in the comments so we can all make our kitchening a little bit easier.   


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  • Reply
    January 29, 2015 at 12:40 pm

    Funny you should post this!! I have been wanting this exact pressure cooker. I’ve been hesitant, and have been looking at reviews. Now that I know you love it, I’m sold. I also love the Zoodles maker. I bought a similar brand at Bed Bath and beyond. I should have just got the one listed above. The one listed above is better made (I think). The one I got I’ve used a few times and is already breaking down.
    Love reading your blogs!!!

    • Reply
      Sarah Maren Whitehead
      February 2, 2015 at 8:16 pm

      Tracie you will LOVE the InstaPot! It’s a treasure. :)
      And I know the pain of getting the wrong spiral slicer. This was the second one I purchased and I’m SO glad I got it. I use it MUCH more than the first one I got.
      Happy Cooking!!! -S

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