That One Time Luigi Fell Off A Cliff


Sometimes with older kids, you get caught up in all their homework or your work deadlines that you don’t really make time for the silly and fun. It’s so easy to get lost in all that NEEDS to be done that you forget you live with some really cool humans you really enjoy – when you give them the chance. (Okay, *I* forget I live with some really cool humans. I’m not about to point fingers.)

The other day, my youngest asked for a game night – even though it was a weeknight. And while we don’t always make time for it, we do have several games that we love to play. (We played SO MANY CARD GAMES while we were all on vacation for the holidays. It was my favorite.) I’m not sure what I was expecting, and I truly almost said no because TO DO LISTS, but after dinner had finished and homework was done, she started turning on the TV and the Wii. She found three controllers and the Super Mario Bros game and said, “Ok. Ready.” I hate to admit it, but I sat there for a few seconds and just stared at her. What were we doing?


I’m always way behind on our Book Club reads. I’m so behind from last year’s picks, I mostly just gave up. No, I actually gave up. I know I won’t go back and read what I missed, be serious. (Whatever. My oldest child graduated and then went off to college and I’m going to PLAY THAT CARD, GOOD DAY.)

But it’s 2016 and we have a fresh new list of books I can’t wait to tackle. I’ve forgiven my past book club sins. It’s water under the book bridge and we are moving on with life and I’m already HALFWAY through the current selection, you guys. I will be done by the end of February, huzzah.

More importantly, I love it. And even though I KNOW that we’ll talk more about Book Club when we finish out the month, I was amused and stunned the other day when I read the chapter where Shonda talks about saying yes to her kids when they ask if she wants to play.

Because that’s kinda sorta what happened when my kid asked me to play a video game.


Listen. I don’t have any illusions I said yes because of this book we’re all reading. (I mean, I just read that part of the book a couple of days ago.) I said yes because I said yes. The three of us said yes because sometimes you do say yes. I didn’t worry about my to-do list. We blew off whatever else needed to get done. And the three of us played a completely ridiculous Super Mario Bros game and we laughed so hard, I had tears streaming down my face. Even when my kid knocked me (well, Luigi) off a cliff because she thought it was funny. (Okay, actually it was the funniest part.)

I honestly can’t wait to dive into this book with all you glorious people when we chat all things book club. I think it speaks to so many of us in so many ways which…yeah. I LOVE THAT. But…truthfully, this is just my reminder I said yes that one time and it turned out really, really great. I’m hoping it reminds ME that sometimes it’s okay to say yes to things. The fact it lines up with Book Club, well, that’s just gravy.


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