So You’re Hosting Thanksgiving


A few of us have recently found ourselves to be hosting Thanksgiving dinner next week. Even though we are thrilled to be spending time with our loved ones, there isn’t a ton of time to spare and there are lots of things to consider. We need a plan. Preferably a good plan. Or at the very least, a really great grocery list.

Planning a big turkey dinner can get a little overwhelming and can easily become over the top. To help you avoid feeling like you’re drowning in cranberry sauce, as delicious as that would be, we got together to come up with some awesome tips for keeping things sane! Or less insane!

•Buy a Turkey
This may sound ridiculous, but the bird is kind of the hero for most Thanksgiving dinners. (I know! Who knew?!) Stores have run out of turkeys before. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to pick one up otherwise you may find yourself on a wild goose, er…turkey chase trying to find a store that has what you need. BUY THE BIRD. Also! When it’s time to cook that thing, MAKE SURE YOU GRAB ALL THE GUTS. And then double check again that all the innards are OUT.

•Ask For Help
Thanksgiving dinner is a big deal and a lot of work. If you have family headed to your house, ask them to bring an appetizer and a pie. Or a green bean casserole and drinks. As big as our family is, we make food assignments for each individual family. Everyone takes part and, honestly? It REALLY helps.

•Prep Early
Cooking an entire Thanksgiving Dinner all in one day A LOT to do. Cranberry sauce can be made on Monday. Pie crusts can be made on Tuesday and popped in the freezer. You can even get everything prepped for making the rolls and stuffing on Wednesday.

•Create a Signature Drink
Some families have a signature cocktail, some families have a signature punch recipe that they use. Whatever it may be, having a signature drink is a simple way to add festive flavor to your holiday while your guests munch on some appetizers or hang out with the family. (A lesson from experience? Sticking a bottle of wine or apple cider in the freezer to chill is only a good idea if you remember that it’s in there BEFORE it expands and explodes.)

•Kid Friendly Fun
It’s not always easy to keep the kids entertained while the dinner prep is happening. Games and puzzles could be set up for the family before everyone gets to your house. You could also use craft paper as a tablecloth. Make sure to have plenty of crayons (or markers) on hand so that they can draw or doodle to keep them busy  while waiting for dinner to be served.  You can also make craft paper placemats for the grown-ups. Thanksgiving doodles or writing what you’re thankful doesn’t just have to be for the kids’ table.

•Keep it Simple

We all have times of trying to do too much or getting a little too fancy. But having only a short time to prepare, it may not be the best time to try out the latest Thanksgiving craft from Pinterest. I mean, Martha Stewart is probably not going to show up for dinner and, well, we really don’t need to impress her anyway. After all, the most important part of Thanksgiving is sharing time with your loved ones. (Even if they’re driving you bananas.)

Are you hosting Thanksgiving? Are you all ready? What are some tips that you might have for those of us who are late in the planning game? We need all the help we can get!

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    Nora Bruce
    November 20, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    Feeling ready for Thanksgiving this year! Thank you!

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