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I listen to all kinds of music. I always have. Whether it’s classical or classic rock…show-tunes or rap…hard rock or alternative…my playlists are eclectic and probably A LOT weird. I like it. 

Music has always been a huge part of our family and it is important to me that my kids have a similar exposure to various types of music like I did growing up. With a balanced listening to things like Green Day, The Indigo Girls, The Beatles, Mozart and Led Zeppelin, I could handle the one millionth time listening to the High School Musical soundtrack or whatever it was at the time.

Now, I’m not saying that High School Musical is like a gateway drug to Taylor Swift, but I also can’t say that it’s not. (I made that up, but it sounded funny in my head.) Even if I wasn’t quite sure how to feel about the TSwizzle at first, there’s no question about that now. For the past 6 (more?) years, has been a permanent fixture in our music lineup. And roadtrip playlist. And something to listen to on any day that ends in Y. And life in general.

I could sit here and pretend that I don’t love pretty much every song that she’s ever written, but that would be a bold-faced lie and I just can’t do that to you. Every song, every album is like a soundtrack to my girls growing up. I have no idea if I would adore her like I do without all this history with my own kids loving her, but I don’t even care to think about it. Because singing at the top of our lungs in the car or in our living room…or out in public are some of my very favorite mom memories. I can’t imagine not having those. I don’t want to.

All of this, every memory, is what made going to the concert last weekend an even bigger deal.


Though we had tried so hard before, we were never able to get tickets to her previous concerts and tours. It was a long time coming, years in the making…and I was extremely worried that we’d missed our chance. That we had to wait all this time to take the girls and it wouldn’t be as magical as they’d hoped.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.


You know when your kids are little and you’re so damn excited for Christmas morning? You can’t WAIT to see their faces light up at whatever surprise is waiting for them? That was what this was like. I couldn’t actually see their faces because sometimes being a parent means sitting further away than you wanted to because of a ticket mix up but I could FEEL their excitement. With every “OMG THANK YOU MOM AND DAD THANK YOU” text we received, I knew how amazing this was for them. Even eight months after buying tickets as Christmas presents. Eight months after a crazy ticket-buying experience where we almost didn’t get anything. (Again!) Eight months after all the hoopla and we were all finally there, even my husband (bless him) and…and it was everything they wanted it to be. EVEN in the nosebleeds of the nosebleeds and not all of us getting to sit together, it was magical and fabulous and wonderful.

The girls told us later that they actually teared up as she walked on stage. Which is funny because I teared up just thinking about them being there and being so excited. Nevermind the fact that Taylor Swift puts on an amazing show. (No really, you guys. I was blown away. Still am.) But it was about ¾ of the way through the show, when TS switched things up a bit and played one of her older songs. While I expected a song or two from way back, but I didn’t imagine this one.

Her picking this song has absolutely nothing to do with us. I know that. She knows nothing of our situation or who we are. Again, I KNOW THAT. But this “extra” song that isn’t normally part of her set is one that totally gutted me. Complete with fabulous light up bracelet to illuminate my tears. Like a disco ball on my face because I’M FANCY LIKE THAT.

For the last couple of songs, we were able to head over closer to the kids after some seats had cleared out. I don’t totally remember everything about what was going on stage because I could only see my kids. It took everything in me to not be the biggest noob of a parent and lose all my shit at the joy on their faces. I will NEVER forget what that looked like. Christmas morning ain’t got nothin on Taylor Swift on stage.


I knew this concert would be perfect timing. But with just a few more weeks until the big college move-in, I didn’t expect such a spectacular walk down memory lane while being completely in the here and now. It was enchanting, flawless and, yeah…completely wonderful.


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