SSCC: Days 8 & 9

Happy Saturday! Today is International Women’s Day and it also just so happens to be Day 8 (and 9) in our Spring Cleaning Challenge. Go crazy on your baseboards! Use cleaning wipes, a Swiffer…or some people swear by dryer sheets! But just don’t feel like you have to do them all at once.  Split your house in half…break it up in some way and do the rest tomorrow. It’s a weekend of baseboards! Or something! Just don’t forget to be awesome and all that.

 Here are the daily challenges so far:

Simplified Spring Cleaning Challenge

1. Silverware Drawer

2. Dust/Clean Light Fixtures

3. Toss 5-10 Things From Each Closet

4. Sliding Door Track

5. Sliding Door

6. Doorknobs

7. Interior Doors

8. Baseboards

9. Baseboards Day 2



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