Bullet Journal 101 :: Which Book Is Right For You??

I can hardly believe we are in the final month of 2016.  Part of me is SUPER happy about that because, woah! 2016 has been a trash fire of a year.  Sure, we got some good stuff like the Hamilton Mixtape and This Is Us but honestly, has anything else good happened? Not really.  So, while I’m trying not to get my hopes up for 2017 I really am trying to stay positive about it.  Part of that is setting up my 2017 BuJo!! There is something about setting up a new year that makes my heart all fluttery.  2017 will be the third new year I’ve started since adopting the Bullet Journal way of life and so putting together my latest volume is pretty exciting.  I’ve spent the past two years changing and growing with how I use my Bujo and I’m excited to give some stuff a go this year as well.  I know a lot of our readers are currently using the Bullet Journal or want to make the leap.  Well! We are here to help!  Jill and I will be doing a Bullet Journal 101 post for you every Tuesday in December and we will carry on throughout 2017 sharing what has worked and not worked for us, tips and tricks, printables and more!  We hope you’ll join us as we try to make keeping our shit together a thing we actually enjoy.

Starting a bullet journal

The place to start, of course, is choosing the right vessel for your Bullet Journal. There are about a million options out there, but we have stuck to two and those are what we’re sharing with you.  Jill is a big fan of the Moleskin Classic Grid and I’m trying my hand at the Leuchtturn 1917 Dotted after not loving the 1917 grid.  Deciding which book is best for you is the place to take the leap into keeping a BuJo.  But fear not!  You can always change things up once you’ve spent some time with one.  My latest 1917 is the fourth kind of book I’ve used as a Bullet Journal.  One of the things I love best about Bullet Journaling is the flexibility.  It can be whatever you want it to be.  Like something? Keep doing it? Don’t like something? Stop doing it!  You are the captain of your Bujo!! And to me, that is the best part!

I break down my feelings about the Moleskine and the Leuchtturn 1917 in the video below! Let us know what you decide to do for your 2017 Bujo!


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