State of Downtown Sacramento 2014

Part of what inspired Cap City Moms is the great love that we have for where we live. In the past year especially, there has been an amazing movement in our community to revitalize Downtown Sacramento and to give the Sacramento Area a much needed boost. After watching the State of Downtown this morning, I really feel like this community is on track to building something amazing. And I’m only partly referring to the new arena.

Don’t get me wrong, the new arena is going to be amazing. It will give so much life to the downtown area. In his speech today, Mayor Kevin Johnson enthusiastically talked about the plans for the indoor/outdoor arena with a five story opening and views of the river. Mayor Johnson likened the new arena to Times Square – open and where everyone will gather. It will be the ‘greenest’ arena in the country. It will embody “everything that’s great about Sacramento.”  


Keynote speaker Tim Romani of Icon Venue Group spoke of the goals for the arena.


1. A true destination for Sacramentans

2. THE gathering place for the entire Sacramento Community

3. A genuine source of architectural and cultural pride

4. Part of a sincere “Live-Work-Play” strategy for Downtown

He also spoke of the arena activating our downtown and connecting our city. He stressed the importance of making downtown safer. He also encouraged celebrating “our Delta, Foothills and the Sierra” because that is our Sacramento story.

But I think, ultimately, the future of Sacramento is OUR story. It’s what we make of it and it’s what we do to make it happen. The cause is so much greater than a great place for sporting events and basketball. The arena can be the heart of the city, and the start of something amazing, but it feels like so much more. It’s a group effort. It’s a common goal. It’s the idea that Sacramento is pretty great right now but THINK of the possibilities. With the ideas of how we celebrate living in Sacramento, there is so much potential to be an example of community and innovation. This could be the start of something pretty damn good.


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