Super Boring…But We Love Awards Season

We are not even going to pretend that anything amazing happened last night on The Golden Globes, but we always use this as a practice run as we gear up for THE MAIN EVENT (The Oscars) and the big ‘ol hoopla we make over that golden dude. In all fairness, The Golden Globes gives us a reason to look at pretty humans (and their pretty clothes) and brush up on our Award Show Snark. (Which is very different from regular snark.) (It just is, stop asking such difficult questions.)

We take great pride (I guess?) in our work and, thusly, decided to share our live-tweeting shenanigans here with you today. Because we’re givers. And we like to put all our ridiculousness in one place.

As you’re reading all this, it should be noted that everyone is still confused about The Martian winning Best Comedy and we are no exception to this confusion. However, we have many glad feelings about the movie AND Matt Damon winning. Because that probably won’t fly with The Academy.

So…did you watch? Do you hate award shows? Will you be joining us on February 28th as we all (virtually) watch The Oscars together???


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