CCM Needs Your Help!

So listen…no one likes to talk about kids with cancer OR monetary donations, but we are doing a little of both right now and I’m SORRY.

Except…I’m kinda not because we are raising money to benefit CANCER PROM. Because even kids with cancer should have a chance to go to prom!

To be honest, there is a lot of red tape when organizing events like this. (And understandably so.) So in order to give these kids a night to remember, it takes all of us to make it happen! We are hoping to raise as much as we can to make this night as awesome as they are. If you could donate even $5, it would make a huge difference!! (No really $5 would be amazing!)

So. Pretty please with all the toppings…please visit the fundraising page and make your donation:…

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I would hug EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU if I could. I’m blowing you kisses from here. Promise. (I actually just really did that.)

Thank you, loves. This means the world to us…and mostly importantly, these kids.


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