Thank you, Thank you, Thank you (times a million)

When I first brought up the idea of a food drive, I kept expecting people to give me a hard time or, at the very least, tell me I’m crazy. They didn’t.

We told you about the food drive less than a week after (softly) launching Cap City Moms. This was the perfect opportunity for all of you to roll your eyes and tell us we were nuts. You didn’t.

The food drive was FOUR. DAYS. after we told you about it. You guys could’ve stayed in bed longer and just pretended nothing was going on.

But you didn’t.


You guys shared with your friends, you dropped off food or donated money for those in need…and you believed in and loved our community.

And we really can’t thank you enough.

The same can be said for the humble beginnings of Cap City Moms. We were blown away by the excitement and by the willingness to help and take part of something that’s bigger than all of us. We have so many voices that need to be heard. We can’t wait to keep sharing them with you.

It’s only been two weeks and already we’ve had some amazing women share themselves with this community. We’ve shared information about healthcare reform and what it means for this area. We’ve shared ideas on what to do while your kids are on vacation – holiday happenings or even if it’s just around the house. Thrifting, King’s fan culturelast minute Thanksgiving tips? We got you. (Also, if you’re looking for a new cranberry recipe for Thursday, this will make you SO HAPPY.)

There is so much in store for Cap City Moms. There are so many ideas from moms who will rock your world. New moms, single moms, moms who are having a hard time facing the idea of sending their kid off to college (ahem), moms who work outside the home, moms who work from home. There are so many amazing women in this community, it kinda blows my mind.

thank youSo thank you. Thank you for already sharing a piece of yourself with Cap City Moms. Thank you for sharing with those in need. Thank you for already making this something amazing and we haven’t even fully launched yet. We are so grateful to be here. But more than that, we are so grateful for you. You make this amazing.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

~ Cap City Moms

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