The Grammys and My Questionable Parenting Skills

I sat through an entire Grammys show last night. Well, as much as I “sit” through any show, I guess but I found myself actually entertained by a lot of it. And for the parts that weren’t so great, I’m grateful that the DVR and fast forward button were invented.

My kids weren’t really around while I was watching the show since I started watching so much later. My 16yo popped in and out of the room every once in awhile, but for the most part it was just me. I didn’t even think about any of the performances that may have been questionable. But this morning on the Today show, Al Roker wondered if the Beyonce & Jay-Z performance was maybe a bit much for so early in the evening when a younger audience could be watching.

I think now is an excellent time to note that I LOVE Beyonce and Jay-Z. Like, a lot I love them. Combine that with the fact that I knew my 11yo was upstairs and I really didn’t much about whether or not it was appropriate. Either that or I’m a really bad judge and I probably should reevaluate my parenting.

(As it was, I originally thought my 16yo was out of the room as well. She wasn’t. And is of the opinion it “wasn’t that bad” since she didn’t feel awkward watching it with me. I accept her logic. If only because it makes me feel better about my parenting.) (This time.)

I do realize that tv networks usually schedule shows based on the more adult content in the later hours of prime-time for a reason. But I also believe that it is my job as a parent to know the rating of a show that my family might be watching. And I certainly don’t watch awards shows thinking it will be 100% family friendly. I also realize that I possibly have blinders on when it has to do with Beyonce and Jay-Z. OBVIOUSLY.

So I guess my question is this: Are there parents out there that are offended that this performance was shown so early in the evening or just brought up by Al Roker? If there are offended parents, may I ask why they let their kids watch it in the first place? And more than that? Did we not learn how awesome the DVR and fast forward buttons are? BECAUSE THEY ARE LIFE-CHANGING.

What say you, Cap City Moms? Too early to show? Just fine? Or why in the world is a child watching this show anyway?

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