The Little CCM Healthy Train That Could

I don’t want to be That Guy that comes here with excuses. But I do want to apologize for being a little (a lot) MIA over the past couple of weeks. The reality is that, yeah…sometimes life gets in the way. Even when you try SUPER hard to keep everything in check, there are times when your best efforts cannot stop the freight train that is real life.

Speaking of trains…

Okay, so the CCM Healthy Train has been slow going. I prefer to think of it as the Little Engine That Could. Not stopping! Just…trying to get up that hill. Or something. I don’t know. I’m terrible at metaphors. Or lazy at metaphors. (Probably that one.)

 But here’s the deal: We are still here. The CCM Healthy Train is still here. We are still doing our best to make sure we are getting enough water and exercise and, yes, sleep. (I struggle with this one. Ahem.)

Life is insane. INSANE. But getting those workouts in…drinking enough water…GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP all of this helps us deal with all the insanity. I know it feels like just ONE MORE THING TO DO…but holy crap, I don’t think I could’ve gotten through the past month without taking care of myself little bits at a time. LIKE WHOA.

But if we can do one things this week? Let’s get a little bit more sleep.

Or act like idiots in a video about sleep.



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