The Longest Walk

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Just don’t go over there. It will be fine.  Keep to the right and you’ll make it out of here without any problems.  Lady!  You’re veering left!  What are you doing?  Correct! Correct! Good job.  You can do this.  You can get the things you need. You can walk out of here. It’s fine. Alright, what do you need?  You have a list – look at the list.  Okay.  Onions, beans, wine, carrots.  SHIT!  The wine is LITERALLY across the aisle from them.  SHIT!  It’s okay I can do this.  Do I need the wine? Of course you do!  You can’t make the chicken without the wine.  Just.  You’ll be fine.  You got this.  Okay.  Carrots. Check.  Onion. Check. We  are walking through the gluten free aisle.  Nothing to see here.  Past the milk and the frozen foods.  Wait? Do we need milk? How much milk is there?  I think we’re good.  It’s good.  Okay. Beans. Check.  Now we go for wine.  Cheap wine.  Get the wine and get out.  Oh god.  I can SMELL them.  They are putting them in the case RIGHT FUCKING NOW!  Are you kidding me?  FUCK!  It’s good. It’s fine. Okay… Wine.  Pick a wine Sarah! Get out of here Sarah!  Really? Right now you’re just taking your time with the smell just… everywhere.  No.  You’re not.  Let’s go. WINE! CHECK!  GET TO THE CHECKOUT.  Oh Lord, I have to walk PAST THE BAKERY GIRL WITH THE CART SHE IS LOADING INTO THE CASE!  Would it be weird if I ran? Yes.  Don’t run.  Look somewhere else.  Don’t look at them.  Good job! You got past them. See! You’re a badass!  Okay. Check out.  Oh, good… the express lane is open.  Stuff on the belt. Smile. Pay!  GET OUT!  How can the smell get over here? I mean, SERIOUSLY!  Okay.  Bags in hand – you really have to remember your reusables lady.  And… we… are .. OUT THE DOOR!  We are in the car.  Whew!  Sarah!  NICE WORK!  You made it through a trip to the grocery store without buying a donut!!!!  YOU ARE WINNING TODAY LADY!  WINNING

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