The Magic of a Good Podcast

Sarah and I listen to a lot of podcasts. To be honest, the ONLY reason I listen to podcasts is because of Sarah. (I just thought podcasts weren’t my thing. I was super wrong.) With our love for podcasts, we thought we would share with you our favorites. Because they’re addicting and fun and, if you’re not already, we think you’ll be just as obsessed as we are. (I am soooooooo late to the Serial game. But I’m effing hooked, those bastards.) Anyway…Sarah’s put together a few of her favorites and then someday, I’ll get to mine. There are a couple of overlaps. Because…well, because it’s us. Obviously.


For the love of PODCASTS (some pictured, not mentioned)

Despite the fact that my job is to make pictures of other humans, for the most part, my job is quite solitary.  A camera is a distancing thing, and since the majority of my work is done in the digital medium it means I spend a lot of time alone in a dark room staring at a computer screen.  My co workers are my husband, who rarely works in the office at the same time I do, and my pals on Google Hangouts who chat with me a little throughout the day.  But, honestly, it can get really lonely.  This is where podcasts come in for me.  They are a perfect to keep me company.  Unlike having Netflix or Hulu as company, where I inevitably end up watching the show more than I end up working, podcasts let me listen to people I now consider friends chat about things I love.  The lack of a visual component is perfect!  We drive a lot for our work as well, so my husband and I have podcasts we like listening to together.  Podcasts are freakin marvelous and I love them :)  Here is my current list of podcasts I can’t live without.

Pop Culture Happy Hour:  This was my first podcast.  I consider Linda Holmes one of my dearest friends despite the fact we’ve never actually spoken to each other. :) She and I have very similar sensibilities about pop culture.  I wish Glenn Weldon was in my circle of friends too.  Just to hear him get weird about stuff.  PCHH is how I discovered a whole bunch of really awesome books, podcasts, movies and tv.  I love to go WAY back in the archives too and have a little blast from the past.

A Cast of Kings: A Game of Thrones Podcast:  So – this was the first podcast I ever listened to that was about a show I was watching.  Hosted by David Chen and Joanna Robinson it’s two people recapping each episode of Game of Thrones.  I started listening to it mid season two and really fell in love with it.  I didn’t have any other friends watching GoT at the time, and I just wanted to talk to someone about it.  David and Jo became my friends I talked to about it.  David has never read the books, Jo has read them all.  They don’t spoil anything other than the episode they are talking about and it’s perfect.  They are currently rewatching season one and Dave is reading the book.  I just listened to the first episode yesterday and it was a hoot!  I might even go back and rewatch season one myself. :)

Magic Lessons:  So, I get it. I”m basic.  I love Elizabeth Gilbert.  Eat, Pray, Love was a nice read, but I really loved her fiction book, The Signature of All Things.  She recently released a book called Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear and did this podcast in conjunction with it.  I think I’ve listened to every episode about six times.  And the one with Brene Brown – no less than 10.  It was exactly what I needed this summer.  My work was ramped up which means I was being creative at gunpoint basically, and was starting to feel the pressure of that.  This podcast gave me some great tools and tips.  Plus, it was delightful to hear the stories of other creatives struggling to do the work they love and the advice of other creatives on how to get outta their rut.  It is most definitely worth a listen. And, the book is pretty great too. :)

America’s Test Kitchen: This is one Dustin and I listen to together.  We love the history lessons, the food recommendations, the recipes and more.  It is just one of our fave podcasts! If you like cooking, hell, if you like FOOD this is a great listen.

Mystery Show:  This was a podcast I heard about on PCHH and HOLY CRAP do I love it;  It’s quirky and fun and hilarious.  Dustin listened to a few episodes with me as we drove around this summer and it was just so much fun.  Every week the host, Starlee, solves a mystery.  And not like a necessarily IMPORTANT mystery – but like, how tall is Jake Gyllenhal? I know that sounds so banal, but you guys!  IT IS SO FUN!  LISTEN TO IT!!

There are more… LOADS more.  But these are my desert island podcasts.  These are where I go first to listen to a friend talk to me for a bit.  ANd I really, really like these friends.

So because we’re addicted, we must know what you’re listening, too. No really. Feed our addiction. In the comments, I mean. Tell us your favorite podcasts.

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