The Red and Gold with the Blues


Football is the only sport that I don’t exactly root for the home team. I am a secondary Niners fan which means I cheer on the red and gold unless they are playing the black and gold. (Saints.) But if there is one thing that unites these two teams is the disdain for the Seattle Seahawks. (Or as I affectionately call them, The SeaChickens.) Let’s just say the past two weeks have been a bit brutal.

I get irrationally angry when Pete Carroll is on my TV.


But what really got everyone riled up was after the game. Emotions were high. Niner fan disappointment was all consuming. And there’s this guy, the same guy that prevented a fabulous win at the last second, mouths off on live tv. And Niner Nation (and so many others) were outraged. Down-right pissed.

Yes. Even me. Especially me. I all of a sudden found myself a Broncos fan.

I’ve read a few different articles about Richard Sherman. Some highlight the outrage expressed on social media and the horrifying, horrible things said about Sherman. I won’t even link to it because I find it so appalling. On the flip side, there are a few articles about the success story that is Richard Sherman. Growing up in Compton but graduating second in his class and then graduating from Stanford. I find it admirable. I do. At a time when there are so many shady NFL player examples, Sherman has done much to distance himself from that track.

It doesn’t mean I agree with what he said. But was it all the worse because most of us were supremely disappointed that our team (or our secondary team) didn’t win? Would any of us be so appalled by what he said if we didn’t care who won that game? Or is it just a case of incredibly amped up (maybe a bit arrogant) football player who is out of his mind excited that his team is Super Bowl bound? Are we more mad at Sherman for what he said or that he prevented “our” team from winning spectacularly?

I’m not saying I’m a converted SeaChickens fan. (Pete Carroll IS my nemesis.) And Sherman is a known loudmouth. I think I just needed a reminder that it IS a game. A rough, arrogant, trash-talking game.

But damn, I just hate losing.

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