The things I admit on the internet

I feel like I should tell you that I’m having a hard time facing the fact that I will probably never meet The Royals. I mean, I long ago accepted the fact that I will never BE royal (stating the obvious much, Lorde?) but I am experiencing abject disappointment that Kate and I will never swap recipes or go out for cocktails. (Wait-is she even allowed to go out for cocktails? Perhaps our friendship plans were doomed before it could ever start.)

While we could totally add Kate to the list of my friends who don’t know they’re my friends, I have also found myself to be SUPER nosy about the royal happenings during their recent trip to New York. Mostly I just want to know what Bey and Kate talked about at the basketball game. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know?

You can answer that question on your own time after some serious soul-searching.

While you’re doing that, the rest of us will be over here amused by the Fug Girls and their recap of The Royals’ visit to New York.


Or, you know, wherever you go to get your Royals news. I’m not in charge. I’m just hoping you’ll share your favorite links in the comments.

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