The time I made the Golden Globes all about me

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I can’t muster enough snark to write about the best and worst dressed of the Golden Globes. Or why I can’t seem to write about all the things we live-tweeted about during the show. Or the questions. You guys, I have so many questions!

Like why did so many people look like cheese doodles? Bad light? Bad spray tan experience?
Was Jen Aniston mad? Sick? So nervous she was about to be sick?
Why didn’t they include George’s Facts of Life days in the montage?

But I’m going to ignore all my questions because I want to talk about Michael Keaton. I want to talk about Amy Adams and Patricia Arquette. More specifically, I want to talk about their acceptance speeches and the things they said about and to their children.

I don’t know any of these people personally. (Even if I often pretend we’re BFFs.) I don’t know about their relationships or how they treat the people in their life. But the emotion and the words they spoke have stayed with me.

Because as much as I love seeing everyone get all dolled up for the red carpet and seeing who won, I relate to THIS side of Hollywood. The human side. The side that shows that, yeah, stars are just like us even though…well, maybe kinda not. The side that calls their son their best friend. I’m embarking on this point in parenting where I’m starting to understand exactly what he means. I’m interested in the side that reaches out and thanks (or honors) an amazing group of women and the example they set for daughters everywhere. I have the coolest people and the raddest ladies in my life. I’m so proud that my daughters have the privilege to know them and learn from their example.

“It’s just so wonderful that women today have such a strong voice and I have a 4-and-a-half-year-old and I’m so grateful to have all the women in this room. You speak to her so loudly. She watches everything, and she sees everything and I’m just so, so grateful for all of you women in this room who have such a lovely, beautiful voice.” ~ Amy Adams, Golden Globes Award acceptance speech.

But even above all of that, I love seeing the side that recognizes that an amazing role in an amazing movie is, well, amazing. But there’s this role called MOM that means more than you ever thought possible.  

So…yeah. I might need to go back and talk about things like which stylists should be fired or how Mrs. George looked bored the entire evening, but for now? For now I’m pretty content talking about this side of Hollywood. The side that means a little bit more to me.

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