The Unconventional Celebration of Valentine’s Day

To “celebrate” Valentine’s Day this weekend, we are having a huge family dinner with my parents and all of my siblings because my aunt and uncle will be in town. Not one of us thought twice about it. And it was a well-known fact that we probably didn’t have any romantical plans to speak of. Like, not even a little bit.

I kinda love that about us.

I have NOTHING against Valentine’s Day. I love love. I’m a huge fan, even. I’ve got a proverbial heart FULL of it. (Love. I know where you were headed with that. Knock it off.) But for as long as I can remember, it’s been a special day to celebrate with the kids because, I mean, we love any excuse to celebrate. You got all A’s on your report card? Let’s celebrate. You made it through the week without punching anyone? Let’s party!

And we do. Party, I mean. For Valentine’s Day. It’s just a little different than what is portrayed in movies or TV.

Several years ago, we decided we would make a FANCY dinner for all of us. I mean…one year it was shrimp scampi and another year it was tacos, but they were FANCY tacos. (No they weren’t. But tacos are tacos are tacos. Now I want tacos.) It was fun because we made it fun…and it was special because it was a little different and out of the norm. And sure, I always get a little something for the kids…but, that’s about it. We absolutely love it. Plus, there’s always the promise of our favorite cupcakes, so we are basically winning at life without even trying very hard.



*Side note: I have had to erase or retype several sentences because they just don’t sound right and could be misconstrued. I blame the dirty risotto. It’s been all downhill since yesterday.

The fun part about THIS Valentine’s Day is that we are getting ready for our #DisneySide party this weekend (because HELLO, three day weekend and more time to party) with a villainous Valentines, Queen of Hearts theme to it and the EASIEST party tips for the super busy moms we all are. It will be some of our favorite ways to celebrate without, you know, breaking the bank or going so completely overboard you hate yourself for it. We like to give you excuses to celebrate just as much as we like giving OURSELVES reasons to celebrate.

Actually, do we need a reason? Although…not punching people in the neck is always a good time to party.

Also, and don’t hate me, I really kinda want to break my own non-giving rules just so that I can do this:


 You’re welcome, everyone.

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    Sarah Maren Whitehead
    February 12, 2015 at 5:45 pm

    You forgot to mention we are running NINE FREAKING MILES on Saturday morning as well. Just forget about me wearing my cupid wings and chasing you with a heart bow and arrow, lady. That ship has SAILED!

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