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Disney side!

We received free products to host our Disney Side @Home Celebration. All opinions are our own.

It’s no secret that life is busy. There is always something to do, someplace to be…some mouth to feed. There’s always a sports practice somewhere, a school project due in two days that’s going to take a trip to Michael’s to finish it. There’s a menu to plan, laundry to do, bathrooms to clean. (Now that I’ve depressed us all with what needs to be done, I’ll stop.)

My point is…there is always SOMETHING we “should be” or need to do. Always. We are often so busy, we forget to have a little fun. We forget to make time for a little fun. We keep thinking we’ll wait for a better time – when life settles down.

As soon as this “sportsball” season is over, we should think about having friends over for dinner and a game night.

We are so fixated on all that “needs” to be done, that all of a sudden months have passed and there hasn’t been much fun and there certainly wasn’t any game nights with friends. I used to be terrible at remembering this. I could give an epic lecture to all of us about how life is short and how fast time flies and how all of a sudden, you’re at that point in life where you’re sending your kid off to college in a few months. Don’t make me go there right now. (I just went there right now.) 

** **

We were so excited to host a #DisneySide party a couple of weeks ago. The amazing folks over at Disney and Mom Select sent over a box of goodies to help with our party planning. But we also had a few tricks up our sleeve because wanted this to be a way for us all to remember to make room in the busy schedules for a good time and to stop making everything quite so hard.

Sarah Maren Photography

We know all the excuses. We’ve used them a thousand times. Knock it off. (Don’t make me start talking about college again.)


~It doesn’t have to be extravagant.
~It doesn’t have to be expensive.
~It doesn’t have to be planned months in advance.

Sarah Maren Photography

It can be a little challenging to work around the schedules of busy parents and busy kids. A 3-day weekend gave us the perfect opportunity for us to invite some of our dearests over for a Disney-Villain Themed game night. Being the day after Valentine’s Day, we couldn’t help ourselves and it became a Villaintine’s Day party.

Happy Villaintine's Day!
Happy Villaintine’s Day!


Here’s the thing: we did not prepare or make ANYTHING ahead of time. (Except for the cupcakes.) We honestly wanted to see how well we could do planning on the fly while also involving the kids in the decorations and preparations. Since we knew we wanted a Queen of Hearts focus for our Villaintine’s Day party, we knew we would need, well, HEARTS but we also wanted to incorporate decks of cards, tea parties and yummy treats! We tried to get as creative as possible with what we already had on hand. Resourceful! But we were also able to find the rest of what we needed at the dollar store and Joann’s.

Sarah Maren Photography

Sarah Maren Photography

With everyone on board for our big #DisneySide plans, we were all able to take part in making a Disneyfied game night happen. We each took part in the decorations and setting up. Sarah and I ran to a couple different stores and worked on food prep and deco, Dina made an EPIC, giant Mickey cookie and helped with ALL THE THINGS…my kids made the fabulous hearts and cards entry way decorations. Then we all worked together to get everything as fabulously mad as possible. Having so many helping hands made everything come together in no time flat.

Sarah Maren Photography

Sarah Maren Photography

Sarah Maren Photography Sarah Maren Photography

Our game plan for game night was simple: wear our favorite Disney shirts, play all the Disney games…eat all the food and have fun. That’s it.

Sarah Maren Photography

Sarah Maren Photography

Sarah Maren Photography Sarah Maren Photography

We did a bang up job of it, if I do say so myself.

Sarah Maren Photography

There was something for everyone – even the littles! It was as simple as we wanted it to be without sacrificing any of the fun. Plus, we got to spend quality time with some of our favorite people. Which is the point of all of this.

Sarah Maren Photography

I know I said that I wasn’t going to bring up college, but I totally lied. At the start of this year, I made a promise to myself to have more of all this. That I would make more time for family and friends and game nights and family dinners and just spending time together. As we wait for acceptance letters and college plans, I love that my kids still love having family game nights and how much fun we have. I love that they’re not too old to dress in their favorite Disney gear and play all the Disney games and dance to all the Disney songs.

Sarah Maren Photography

Yes, it all goes by SO FAST. It just does. But that just makes these memories that much more amazing and so, so fun. I LOVED having everyone over and I loved what a great time we shared.

(Dance party say what?)

Thank you, Disney and Mom Select and everyone who joined us. Thank you for the fun as we remember just how much fun we have together and how easy it is to host a FANTASTIC party in no time flat. No more excuses!

There is A LOT of fun to be had.

 All photos by Sarah Maren Photography for Cap City Moms

 We received a box of goodies from Disney for our #DisneySide party. All opinions are our own.

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    March 4, 2015 at 4:34 pm

    Your photos are so gorgeous! What a pretty and fun party. What you say about how fast it grows and how their time at home is limited really rang true with me. So important to enjoy the time together now while we have it!

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