Things We Love: Finish Lines and Medals

I just realized that I’m not sore anymore. My knees feel good. My glutes and my quads feel fairly normal. Monday and Tuesday weren’t necessarily torture, but I sure do notice how much better I feel today after Sunday’s race.

The grooviest running partners

The grooviest running partners

As much as I would love to throw rainbows and unicorns your way, I have to admit that this latest half marathon was not my favorite. AND THAT IS OKAY. I shouldn’t expect every race to be amazing and full of running wonder and glitter. (I think glitter would be a very bad running accessory, though. THINK OF THE CHAFFING.) Sunday was also so *bleeping* hot and was a huge factor in how hard it was for many runners.


As satisfying as it would be to sit here and complain about every little thing that was wrong with this race, that’s not what I’m going to do today. I am incredibly proud of our training leading up to Sunday so it was a little hard to take that it didn’t turn out like we wanted it to BUT WE STILL DID IT. I think completing 13 damn difficult miles is pretty amazing. We didn’t give up. We didn’t cut any corners (Yes, I saw that happen right in front of me.) We stuck it out even when every fiber of our being screamed for us to stop.

We kept on moving.

After overanalyzing all the things on Sunday, we also realized how much we enjoyed our long runs when they didn’t go past 10 miles. An eight or nine mile run was oddly satisfying and you still felt like a badass. Going for an eight mile run is nothing to sneeze at, mind you. It’s a wonderful accomplishment! But it was a distance that we actually kind of enjoyed. That’s not to say that we won’t be doing another half marathon. I think it mostly means that we’re going to stick to some “shorter” distances for right now to cleanse or running palate.

I will tell you, though, that no matter the distance of the race, or how much you loved/hated it, that finish line feels like that best thing since sliced bread. Crossing that finish line is the best feeling, holy crap. I wish I could bottle it up and sell it to everyone so that they know what it feels like! The problem is that it wouldn’t be the same. That feeling, that sense of accomplishment, comes from not giving up and pushing yourself hard and not giving up on yourself OR the race. It’s the very reason we keep coming back for more.

Finish line junkies. That’s us.

Run for the bling

Run for the bling


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