Things We Love: Jordan Naturals

Several weeks ago, the fabulous folks at Jordan Naturals sent a box of goodies our way to try. Coming from a recommendation from our friend Kachet over at Lipstick Giraffe, I was excited to take them for a product test drive.


I LOVE the way they make my skin feel. I have been dealing with some inflammation and some other weird skin issues and using the Bretanna products has made huge strides in calming down my crazy skin. And yes, I love that these are natural products that are 100% alcohol and fragrance free. Winning!

 But what I love is how they are also changing how we see witch hazel and how we use it:

  • Freshen and Re-energize the Skin – It works well as a toner by locking in moisture immediately after washing or a fine mist sprayed right on top of your makeup will offer a quick refresh throughout the day.
  • Reduce Puffy Eyes – Take a 5-minute breather and apply soaked cotton pads to closed eyes. The Witch Hazel will help to tighten skin and reduce baggage under the eye.

  • Treat Razor Burn – Soothe and treat razor burn by applying it directly to the irritated area with a cotton ball.

A huge thank you to Jordan Naturals and the ever-fabulous Kachet for sharing so much awesome with us.  We are big fans!

We were given Jordan Naturals products to try. All Opinions are our own.
This post contains affiliate links.

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