Things We Love: Lunchin’ with the Ladies

There’s something so comforting about getting together with a friend when you’re having a bad day or completely stressed out. Your girlfriends understand you better than anyone else. As much as you love your husband and children (and we do…we really do) there’s nothing like hashing out whatever life is throwing your way with your bestie, your sister or your mom. Or laughing about the time in high school when someone’s keys were lost in a field because we were army crawling through tall grass in an epic “game” of hide and seek.

Your topics may be different. Ahem.

There are a few places around town that will always be a staple for getting together for just this kind of lunching. Jack’s Urban Eats just happens to be one of those places. Hearty and delicious salads? Check. Tasty comfort foods? Check. Urban Fries? CHECK. CHECK.

As delicious as all that is (and it WAS) we also love how low-key everything is at Jack’s. And then never judge you for your ginormous plate of Urban Fries or mashed potatoes and gravy. NEVER. At least not to your face. I like that about them.


*Nothing about this is sponsored. We just really love Jack’s. And Urban Fries. And telling stories about lost keys. Good times. 


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