A couple weeks ago, Sarah and I were driving to up to see our dear friend (Hi, Anne!) and to get our hairs did. (Um, yes we often schedule our appointments together. We’re super annoying like that.)  In her infinite wisdom, Sarah chose a 90’s playlist on Google Play and it was like a musical high school time capsule had descended on us. At the start of nearly every song, I would gleefully clap my hands and squeal in excitement because OMG I’M CLEARLY THE ANNOYING ONE. GAH. But…but you guys, it was just that awesome.

The timing and trip down memory lane couldn’t have been more perfect. Sarah and I were plotting and planning ALL the things and the music was on par.

You see, in just a few short months Sarah and I will be celebrating our 30th Friendaversary. Thirty. 30. THREE ZERO. 30. THIRTY YEARS COMMITTED TO ONE ANOTHER.

And you guys. It’s time to party.

For a split second, we thought about registering at Target for Friendaversary gifts. But then we remembered we don’t actually live together and we didn’t want to worry about shared custody of a crockpot. BUT. This trip down memory lane and the music and the 90’s and OMG what if YOU GUYS registered WITH US for the Color Me Rad 5k event on June 20th! IT ALL  MAKES PERFECT SENSE. This. Will be. So. Much. FUN.

Color Me Rad is perfect for runners and walkers alike. You do not need to worry about times or paces or whether you are fast or slow or somewhere in between. This is a way for ALL of us to have an absolute freaking blast together with some of our very favorite people to celebrate a certain 30th Friendaversary.



We will have much more to announce in the next few weeks (and months) as we celebrate all the things. But here’s the thing: THE COST TO REGISTER RIGHT NOW FOR COLOR ME RAD IS $25!!! (Dude.) The VIP pricing only lasts a couple of days, so we’ve gotta be quick and jumpstart the celebratin.

Here is the link to sign up for Color Me Rad on the Cap City Moms team!!! This takes you to the group page, but if you follow another link to the Color Me Rad website you can still join our team. (Just click the “JOIN A TEAM” button on the VIP page if you find yourself there instead. You can search for Cap City Moms and it is easy breezy.)

 So. Join our team. Get yourself all registered. And then prepare yourself for the awesome.

It’s gonna be rad. Like, Totally.


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