This has nothing to do with Cinco de Mayo

I’ve been watching and following along with the Big Day of Giving today. It’s amazing to see what can happen in ONE DAY here in the Sacramento Area (and beyond) and the lives that are being touched or help because the community came together. I love where we live.

(You have until midnight to make a donation! If you don’t have an organization in mind, we happen to know one that could greatly benefit and who do so much for the hungry in our community.)

But speaking of community…


I don’t know if we tell you enough, but we love the Cap City Moms community. In our minds, this little space on the internet is our way of inviting you into our (metaphorical) living rooms to hang out. If I could figure out a way to serve snacks and drinks with every blog post, I totally would. Because that’s what would happen if you were in my actual living room, you know. My dog would lick your face and my husband would insist on making you a drink. I would feed you. Because that’s what we do. Lick you and give you treats while you’re chilling in our living room.

But we’re just so cute.

Hi. I'm Paisley.

Hi. I’m Paisley.

Okay, some of our are cuter than others.

Actual living rooms or not, we love having you here. We love having the community and enjoying some of our favorite pastimes with you. (::waves hello to Book Club and #TeamCCM!::)

Last week, Cap City Moms was featured in Sacramento Parent Magazine alongside the fabulous Roseville chapter of Moms Run This Town (WOOHOO!) and Sierra Moms. We had so much fun talking about how much we love the CCM crew and how much we enjoy being here.

sacparent screenprint

I know life gets crazy (boy do I) but I love that we have the Cap City Moms “living room” where we can talk about the being mom and all that goes with it. I love when we take time out for ourselves to go to book club or out for a run with #TeamCCM. I love that even though we’re all at different stages of motherhood, there is still a bond, a kindship, that you can’t even begin to explain. It’s pretty empowering to know that we’re all in this together.


(You know I had to do that. I’m not even sorry.)

We’re so glad you stop by to hang out with us. We’re crazy and flawed and completely ridiculous…but we love hard and care about all of you so much.

Check out the article when you get a chance. We are so excited to share the pages with some pretty damn fabulous ladies. And I’m officially on a mission to buy a physical copy of the magazine so that I can hang it for you too see when you come over. Or put on my fridge. Whatever.

But more than anything, thank you for being so amazing. And, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing all that amazing with us.

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