this is us…messes and all

Sarah and I met up with some fabulous local bloggers with the Cap City Blogger Network on Wednesday. It was a lovely, supportive group that aims to focus more on collaboration vs competition in our local blogging community. We’ve also found ourselves (or *I* have found myself…Sarah should absolutely be there) amongst incredibly talented creatives in the Rising Tide Society and Tuesdays Together groups. I’m blown away by every single one of these creative geniuses.

But instead of running with all that inspiration, I sit here, not posting anything…because what the hell am I doing here?? Don’t belong! ABORT ABORT.

You see, Cap City Moms is all about the chaotic and frenzied and wonderful and amazing. It’s about being a mom and being a friend and being ourselves. We are messy and unstructured with a flair for the styled or fancy and my gawd, we love all things pretty. Every so often, we love getting dressed up but we love our yoga pants (or no pants) more.  

 This is us…inviting you into our proverbial living room for wine and probably a cheese plate. (Who am I kidding? Of COURSE there will be a cheese plate. Duh.) Sometimes that living room is all dolled up ready for company. Sometimes…well, sometimes it’s super not and you have to step over the kids’ shoes and the dog maybe just threw up on the floor. BUT WE PROMISE TO PUT ON PANTS WHILE YOU’RE HERE. (Probably.)   


At the end of the day, what matters most, is that we’re all having a damn good time and laughing so hard we probably choked on some cheese. (Don’t worry…everyone’s fine.) We can’t promise perfection, but holy shit, we hope you’ll enjoy the ride, and the inevitable Golden Girls marathon, while you’re here.

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