A Whole Lotta Whole 30

whole30, a wild rumpus

Hi my name is Jill (hi, Jill!) and I am addicted to carbs and sugar.

I love you, bread.




I’m sick of feeling like crap on cracker is what it really comes down to. And at the risk of this being a blog post full of complaints and a highlight of all my shortcomings, I’m SO. RUN. DOWN.

We’ve reached that magical point where something has to change.

So change it is.

And I have no idea how I actually feel about this because CHANGE IS HARD.





Sarah’s making me Whole30

I mean. I’m a grown-ass woman and I do what I want but sometimes Sarah tells me what to do. And then I roll my eyes and tell her no. But this time I didn’t. Because of the aforementioned addiction to sugar, bread and carbs (I love you so much) so I know she’s right. DON’T TELL HER I SAID SO.

So what this means is: Whole 30 things are happening. Effective immediately. 

Sarah started before me. I was sicker than sick during Christmas and New Year and there was no way I could get my shiz together for the start we had originally planned on. But Sarah did. And now me. We are Whole30-ing the shit out of this month. 

This is going to be all kinds of hard. I’m woman enough to admit that I’m going to struggle.


I really like that Whole30 is basically a reset button on the shenanigans of 2016 and especially the holidays. SHENANIGANS YOU GUYS.

But it’s a reset button that makes sense to my (simpleton, addicted) brain. Fruits, veggies and proteins. Just like that. No bread (sob) no cheese or dairy (sob) no grains (sigh) no legumes (sigh) and no sugar of any kind (it’s gonna be okay, right?) but I still feel like I have options. And options are important for a goofball like me.

Also. If I can put a fried egg on it, I’m gonna actually love whatever it is. Probably.

Whole30 Preparation

We love to share what’s bringing us joy and what we’re doing in our lives. And while this isn’t the mostly joyful I’ve ever been, I feel pretty damn good about getting myself in line and will need to share all this as well because it will actually help to keep my motivated. Seriously.

And you know what? If you have felt a pull to shake things up a bit, too JOIN US. It’s more fun if we all keep each other motivated. And entertained. But I promise to only yell at Sarah when I miss cheese. This is my gift to you.

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