Nailed it!

I…am not a fashion, style or beauty expert. 

And I can’t pretend that I don’t feel a tiny bit weird about writing this post. First of all, IT HAS BEEN A VERY LONG TIME SINCE I’VE WRITTEN HERE. (I’m the worst.) Second of all, you probably aren’t expecting any sort of health & beauty posts from me. At least I don’t think you are.

But here we are. Together. Reading and/or writing a post about healthy & beauty things.
Doing my own manicures saves me a lot of money and, believe it or not, a lot of time. I have been known to load up the car with all my stuff, paint my nails, and then drive into work. My nails would dry during my commute and I felt super efficient with my time. I have less of a commute now, but the idea of saving time is still the same. I just rely on a couple of go-to products to help make that happen. Plus? My own thumbs. Yes, I just said thumbs.

Make it Easier!

After you file your nails and clean up cuticles, however you see fit to clean up your claws, I have a couple of things I use to get the job done that works best for me. First of all, I use the OPI Infinite Shine Base Coat and Top Coat combo to protect my nails from discoloration and (ready for this?) TO HELP YOUR NAIL POLISH DRY FASTER. 

It is designed to be used with their super special nail polish line, but I use whatever nail polish I have and want to use. I have not found these products to make your manicure last longer per se, but I love that it seems to help the nail polish dry faster and smoother than if you were to use regular base/top coats. And I appreciate the speediness.
My next tip is going to sound a little silly but here goes: don’t paint your thumbs when you’re painting all your other nails. I have used so many different manicure tools over the years to help clean up around the nail, but the easiest and fastest wasto get the job done is to use your (unpainted) thumbs to clean up the mess. Seriously.

Paint all the nails. Paint the thumbs. Don’t forget the top coat. Let them dry while you are typing emails or driving to work. 
That’s it.
And then, of course, when you’re done and you’re heading out to a meeting, there is always time to grab an iced coffee because that just makes good sense. At least to me. But then again, I never sleep. 
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 Happy caffeinating! And nail painting! 

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