TV Makes Thursday Look GOOD

There are few things I love more than watching tv.  Truth be told, I will usually pick a book over television, that’s just how I work.  But television tends to be less of an escape and more of a co-worker and companion for me.  My job is a great one, don’t get me wrong, but it can very often be a lonely one.  When people find out that I’m a photographer they often lament how glamorous and fabulous my job is.  If you think not changing out of your gym clothes and sitting in a mostly dark room in front of multiple computer screens looking at the same peoples faces for DAYS at a time is glamorous, then by ALL MEANS my job is glam central.  But, honestly, it can get really lonely.  I don’t have coworkers on my office days, I just have mounds of email and editing and faces.  SO MANY FACES.  So, I need some company!  I need other faces to look at for relief sometimes, and voices outside the ones in my head.  Thanks to the streaming revolution of our age I’m able to keep myself from feeling so cut off from the rest of the world and eventually driving myself completely insane.  I used to rely on Netflix delivering disks to my house, and the wait in between was insufferable.  But now there is streaming Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Comcast has Streampix, and there’s HBOGO and all manner of amazing ways to get television on just about any device you own with an internet connection.  Basically, life is good for those of us who don’t watch tv when tv is on.

This is how I feel about the upcoming fall season

I exhausted the reserve of shows I held off watching until there weren’t new episodes to consume this summer – I mean, I plowed through all of the second season of Orange Is The New Black in less than 3 days, ALL 10 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy were reconsumed (and WOAH!  Talk about a trip down memory lane!  But that’s another post altogether.) I watched The Fall, Mind of a Chef, and bunch of documentaries.  (And by watched I mean I listened to them while working and occasionally glanced over when it was quiet for a while).  I even rewatched some shows in anticipation of the upcoming season premiers including all three seasons of Scandal and the first season of The Blacklist.  It was especially fun to rewatch Scandal because Jill was plowing through it for the first time and I loved talking to her about it.  So now that the fall premiers are upon us I am SO excited to see what new shows I’ll end up sticking with, what old shows will keep me entertained and what ends up being put out to pasture.  With that said, there is currently one night of the week that has left me BREATHLESS with anticipation – THURSDAYS Y’ALL!  That’s right Thursday night is now officially Shonda Rhymes Thursday Ladies Night of Power and Really Good Looking People and personally, I CAN’T WAIT!  Here’s what we have in store.

Grey’s Anatomy


Yes, I STILL watch Grey’s and yes, for the most part I love it.  Grey’s Anatomy will be starting out the three hour Thursday night block that Shondaland straight up owns.  Grey’s has a soft spot in my heart because it’s like an old friend. I’ve known and loved it for years, sometimes it makes me crazy, sometimes I throw socks at it, sometimes I just ignore it as it yammers on – but in the end I always end up watching.  I’m interested to see if it has legs now that my beloved Cristina Yang (played by the amazing Sandra Oh) has departed Seattle Grace Mercy West Sloan Grey Memorial Hospital.  This is apparently the “Year of Meredith” so I’m very interested to see where the story goes.  I mean, let’s be serious, I’m 11 seasons in… I’m in this one for the long haul. Thursdays, 8pm on ABC



I am a Gladiator.  I wear a white hat, I like red wine and popcorn and JUSTICE BITCHES!  The fact that Jill had not become a Scandal devotee until this summer was really putting a cramp in our decades long friendship.  Luckily she saw the error of her ways, binge watched and repented of her Scandalous sins.  I can’t wait to see where the hell that plane went and if she chooses Noel… I mean JAKE.  (Seriously, Felicity flashbacks with the love triangle including Scott Foley, but I digress.) I’m trying not to hate on Quinn, wondering what Mellie is going to be up to and just what a second term is going to mean for Fitz and Oliva.  There are going to be some new faces, and that makes me excited too.  Basically, I’m SO ready for the rollercoaster ride that is Scandal. We are so excited in fact, that Jill and I will be live tweeting the premier on Thursday.  Make sure you follow @capcitymoms on Twitter to get our take and see lots of selfies of our shocked expressions. Thursdays, 9pm ABC

 How to Get Away with Murder


You guys!  I am STUPID excited about this show.  First of all, VIOLA FREAKING DAVIS being a sexy lawyer/teacher bad ass, secondly sexy sexy students getting in sexy sexy trouble and also, MURDER!  I love murder shows.  So much in fact, that if I’m watching TV while say folding clothes in my bedroom and my daughter walks in she will look at the screen, look and me and then ask, “Is this a show where someone is killed and then someone else has to figure out who did it?”  Nine out of ten times the answer to that is, “Uh…. yeah.  This is a grown up show.  You should go.”  And then she rolls her eyes and leaves.  That said, I CANNOT WAIT!  The buzz on this is good – REALLY good and I can’t wait for the rip-roaring ride this is promising to be.  Who’s joining me on this one?  Thursday’s 10pm ABC

 Are you as excited about Thursday nights as I am?  Well, really, I’m excited about Friday morning. When I’ll actually be watching these shows while I plow through email and editing.  I’ll be back to tell you what other new and returning shows I’m excited about later this week!  Until then, tell me what shows YOU can’t wait to see!

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