Sarah is the meal-planning and food prep wizard. I am but a humble idiot who sometimes gets things right. SOMETIMES. I hesitate to even say anything for fear that I will jinx it all, but YOU GUYS. I’ve been doing things. Like, being all boss-lady of the kitchen for once in my life. Even as I type that, I feel like an idiot so let’s just say that I’m having some boss lady moments.

health eating, food prep, eat your veggies
We’ve made some changes in our world that include A LOT more fruits and veggies and I had to come up with a way to make that all work. For the most part, I’ve been cutting and slicing veggies about every other day or every couple of days. I will slice things like apples we need the day OF since they’re all sensitive and shiz about AIR. But I will tell you that it makes my life so much easier if I can prep at least SOME of what I need ahead of time for lunches and upcoming meals. It leaves me plenty* of time to panic about all the other crap I need to do!

*I can still panic while chopping vegetables so we’ll go ahead and count that time, too.


Tips and Tricks

  • Cutting carrots can be a pain in the ass but since I’ve stopped buying baby carrots, it’s gotta be done. The trick is to peeling and chopping as many as you can stand and then storing them for daily use. For me, they seem to last at least a few days.
  • I’ve been buying the English cucumbers from Sam’s Club or Costco. I MUCH prefer the English type to regular. No peeling and they taste better, in my opinion. Slice those suckers up and put them in a separate container. They last 2-3 days (maybe more?) but we go through them pretty fast.
  • Celery is not a popular veggie, I KNOW but I’ve been trying to switch things up by throwing in celery with either peanut butter or herbed cream cheese. It helps break up the monotony. A little. It helps a little. It’s still celery for crying out loud.
  • I need better knives. Everyone talks crap about my knives. But you know what? FOOD PREP STILL HAPPENS EVEN WITH SHITTY KNIVES. (Sharpen your knives. Even if they’re shitty. It helps.)

healthy eating, food prep, eat your veggies, fruit and veggies

  • As I mentioned before, apples are so picky about touching air and stuff so those I usually cut the morning of. SOMETIMES I can get away with the night before and they don’t turn too much. I will sometimes add a little citrus to help with the oxidation, but if it’s the ONE thing I have to slice every day, I’m not mad. Especially because it takes me no time at all.



  • I foodprep best listening to Hamilton. I just thought you should know that.
  • I’ve also watched a show or a movie while working. I’m just saying, you have options.

Okay. I accept that I’m not the greatest at meal planning and food prep while still totally killing it at SOME of the things. IT MAKES ME FEEL BETTER ABOUT LIFE AND ALSO MAKES MY LIFE EASIER. It’s like going for a 5 minute walk even though you planned on running a marathon that day. At least it’s something! (I have zero plans to run a marathon today. Just so we’re clear.) (Okay, that analogy was crap. Ignore me.) What it comes down to is this: IF I CAN DO IT YOU CAN DO IT. 

Seriously. Go chop something.



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