Week 2 Say What?! Plus, WEEK 1 WINNER!!

Welcome to WEEK 2!!!

I mean, it’s the 2nd day of WEEK 2 but cut me some slack. I was so tired drunk yesterday, you wouldn’t have been able to understand ANYTHING that I said here. (Please pretend that you understand my words on all other days. I appreciate your lies more than you know.)

So here’s the deal: WEEK 1 was all about goal setting. WEEK 2? ALL ABOUT MONITORING YOUR PROGRESS.


Like Sarah said, keeping track and monitoring is the BEST way to stay on track. It’s proven and shit! Sarah and I both use our Bullet Journals because it works for us. But we also use things like our Fit Bit trackers, My Fitness Pal…whatever it takes to keep us all accountable!!

Bullet Journal AND Fitbit Tracking

Bullet Journal AND Fitbit Tracking

 If you need a little help with a way to track (if you’re not using a Bullet Journal) we have a handy dandy printable just for you. Because we’re givers. And because we super like you guys. A lot.

CCM Healthy Train Week 2!

CCM Healthy Train Week 2!


Make sure you keep using the #CCMHEALTHYTRAIN hashtag to stay in the running for our weekly prizes!! Our winner for WEEK 1 is ::drumroll:: ERIN G!!! You, my dear have won a $10 iTunes giftcard!! Remember, the more you post using the #CCMHEALTHYTRAIN hashtag, the more chances you have to win!

We can’t wait to hear how WEEK 2 is going for you! Keep us posted as you keep yourself accountable!!


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    Kristin Veare
    July 3, 2015 at 10:43 am

    What app is that on your phone?

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