Week 4 – Smells Like TEAM Spirit!

Here we are on Week 4! This week we remember that no mom is an island! Use the buddy system…phone a friend! Remember that it’s OKAY if you work better when someone is encouraging you or meeting up with you for a run, walk, or workout. Not all peer pressure is bad!

We will have more team spirit throughout the week and yes…more prizes, y’all. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CCMhealthytrain to be entered to win those prizes. DO IT. 

By the way…our super awesome prize this week is brought to you by Brittany Garner Design. (Who, by the way, is having a sale right now. GETCHU SOME.) We are so excited about the BG prizes!! And badass mama Whitney is our Week 3 winner!!! Huzzah!!

Have a great week, everyone!


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