WEEK ONE: Checking In

We are close to being done with Week 1 of the CCM Healthy Train. HOW ARE YOU DOING?? 

Not gonna lie, this week was HARSH. And, not to be THAT PERSON, but going to Kaia, and getting my healthy on each day is the only thing that saved my sanity. (I’m sorry. You can punch me later. But I can’t lie to you.)

Did you identify your goals?? Did you get started? TELL US EVERYTHING! 

We love seeing all the #CCMhealthytrain posts on Instagram!! Keep ’em coming. We will pick a winner on Sunday. YOU HAVE TIME, BABES! Throw your hat in the ring! Well, throw that hashtag on a IG picture, anyway. THAT.  It’s not too late to hop in the #CCMhealthytrain! Get those goals set and join in! See you in the comments and on Instagram!   

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