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Years ago I heard singer Rob Thomas mention in a radio interview that now that he was living the ‘good life’ it was tougher to write songs. He found that there was much more inspiration and creativity when times were tough. I couldn’t feel more opposite right this moment. While trying to resist the invitation offered by The Sofa to escape (and by escape I mean curl up in fetal position) from the many decisions in my immediate future, what little creativity I’ve had vanished. And with it went my humor. (Just let me believe I had humor)

But while trying to keep my head above water this week, I’ve stuck to some of my favorite coping ‘skills’:

1) getting enough sleep

2) eating minimal amounts of sugar and seeking out my high-protein go-tos

3) getting outside

4) surround myself with good people

What keeps you going when times are tough? (Other than booze.) 

No matter how endless and out of control MY week seemed – it didn’t involve 300 diapers. Three. Hundred. Diapers.

When I shared this article with my husband he asked ‘what are the odds? Umm. How about completely immeasurable?

While the words escape me to sum up how insane this is – there is a little part of me that wishes I was their neighbor or auntie so that I could participate in the wonderfulness of it all.

I hope she has two washers! PLEASE tell me that Home Depot or Lowes stepped up and gave this mom of 5 babies two washing machines and dryers. Speaking of which… how is your washer *smelling*?

I’m relieved that most of these steps in this article are already part of my routine. But. I’m pretty sure that all of us with a front loading washing machine need to grab a rubber glove this weekend and get really personal with that bad boy.

Don’t forget to check out what happened on Cap City Mom’s this week! We learned a little bit more about, well, ME. We’re getting pretty excited about THE OSCARS. (Don’t forget to hang out with us on your favorite form of social media!) We also talked about those times, as parents, when we need to reevaluate what’s working for family communication. 

Whatever else is on your calendar this weekend – I hope it’s awesome. Let yourself relax and eat some yummy food. And don’t forget to give thanks for this rain.

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