Weekly Round-Up: Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day, Cap City Moms! As you may have noticed, there have been some changes happening around the site. We’ve known all along that we wanted to sharpen things up around here, and give CCM a makeover, but that does take some time. It also takes Sarah having prophetic dreams like she’s freaking Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. (And if you think Sarah and I can’t sing that from start to finish, you are mistaken. We so totally can and probably will because we’re givers like that.) Foretelling dreams and musicals aside, we’re really excited about all the changes and behind the scenes magic going on here at CCM.

  • This week on Cap City Moms:

Speaking of Sarah, we got to get to know her a little bit better. Plus, now you know that she has website visions. She’s about to take that act on the road.

We also talked about creating a College Bucket List for those things you want to do before you’re a heaping mess of sobs as you move your kid into that dorm next year. (Maybe I am also prone to prophetic dreams.)

We had a Valentine inspired craft AND guiltless dessert. Both make me quite happy.

And finally, we also got to learn a little bit more about Disney On Ice presents Rockin’ Ever After. It’s pretty much as magical as you can imagine and there is still time to go!

  • Around the Interwebs:

Hey Sacramento Unified School District Families! This is the last week for the “Think Clean” contest asking students to submit their ideas on how to conserve water in Sacramento through a drawing, model, essay, etc. This is a perfect opportunity for your student to help us all get creative on how we can save water during this drought!

“Our goal is to motivate our youth to think about the impact they can make on our environment and share those ideas with the community so we can start making changes here in Sacramento,” said Jim Anderberg, regional manager, Beutler Air Conditioning & Plumbing Sacramento.

Project Wet, the joining force between Beutler and the SCUSD, is a nonprofit that focuses on reaching children, parents, teachers and community members with water education.  Educating our youth on how to conserve water and keep it clean are key goals of the California Project WET program and critical to the future of our state. While many schools, homes and businesses are “going green,” the natural water sources in Sacramento still need attention to protect our future.

All SCUSD students, grades K-12, are encouraged to enter the “Beutler Think Clean Contest.” The contest is open to all ideas as to conserving water and keeping water clean. Entries can be submitted in the form of essays, models and drawings. The top three entries will be awarded with cash prizes; $250 to the first place entry, $150 to the second place entry and $100 to the third place entry.  Additionally, Beutler is donating $50 to the SCUSD for every parent who signs up for a Beutler plumbing service before April 2014.

All entries must include a thorough explanation of the idea, the potential impact of the idea on the economy and/or community, and how the idea can be implemented throughout their community. Projects must be submitted to no later than March 1, 2014.

For more information about the “Beutler Think Clean Contest,” please email thinkclean@boltpr

And finally, since we love you all so much, we got you a little something for Valentine’s Day. (Well, Nora got you something. I just put my name on the card.) The ever adorable Kid President tells all of us moms how amazing we are. I think he’s on to something. Also hilarious.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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