What the What?

I finally watched Scandal way after the fact. Can somebody please hold my hand and sit with me as we talk about all the feelings I have about Mellie? I’M NOT USED TO BEING ON TEAM MELLIE YOU GUYS. My heart doesn’t know what to do with any of this.

All the feels. I have all the feels about this.

* * *

Speaking of TV shows we can’t get enough of, Sarah has been taking us through some of the Fall TV line-up favorites. Thursdays are pretty loaded but there are a few new shows that are keeping us interested. Are you watching? Not watching? Have we lost our damb minds?

* * *

Not TV Related…(shocking. I know.)

We are a couple weeks in to our #CCMruns50 challenge. We start giving away prizes next week, so I would go get my walk/run on and start hashtaggin the heck out of it to get myself in the running. (Also, I’m pretty excited about how  many of y’all are getting out there. AWESOME.)


* * *

Election day is coming up. We’re gonna tackle some of the issues here on CCM so that you know what’s coming and how it could affect you and your family. But first…MAKE SURE YOU’RE REGISTERED TO VOTE. That’s my PSA for today.

* * *

Did you catch our Sactoberfest preview??? You guys. I’m not saying you should go ONLY for the beer and the food, I’m just saying that you won’t be mad if you did. It’s family-friendly, there is so much to do. Plus, you should probably train for the stein-holding contests. Don’t be like me.

Who let me do this?

Who let me do this?

(I only lasted long enough to take that picture. Hashtag WIMP WEAKLING.)  The FANTASTIC Sactoberfest crew has a family 4-pack of tickets for you to win because we totes love giving you stuffs. (Beer and food and carnivals and games. We want to give you your ticket to all that.)

I have officially made myself hungry. I’m gonna go now. Have a great weekend everyone!!



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    October 3, 2014 at 12:33 pm

    Umm, that picture of you is awesome.

    • Reply
      Jill Mansfield
      October 3, 2014 at 3:51 pm

      Sarah told me to look like I was in pain. Apparently, that is my pain face. :)

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