What’s Happenin’ (Weekly Round Up)

meetupI can’t even get to this week’s round-up until I announce our first ever Cap City Moms Meet-Up! We are so looking forward to meeting the moms in our community and REALLY hope that you can join us on Thursday, February 6th at Chevy’s on the River, 6pm. RSVP on our community/events page so that we have an idea of how many are coming!

Okay…on with the ROUND UP! 

This week on Cap City Moms:
Being the mom has some less-than-glamorous sides to it…or areas that maybe we aren’t good at. But I love those moments when we get to play up our strengths. I think that’s why I love Lyndsay’s post so much this week. It reminded me that, even after 16+ years, I’m still so hard on myself for all the things I’m not good at as a mom.

So what’s the point?  Well, I know that I am still a great mom for all that I do, and those things that I don’t do, well, they get situated somehow.  I think before becoming a mom I was under the impression that all of these domestic nuances would find their way into my toolbox, but that just isn’t the way. 

Also this week, I unintentionally re-opened some football-inflicted wounds. It just sucks when you’re team loses and then you look for someone to blame. Personally, I ALWAYS blame SeaChickens coach, Pete Carroll for anything that goes wrong in my football world. It gives me another chance to post this:


This week around the interwebs or in the news…

Healthy Sacramento:
Sacramento was deemed the 6th healthiest city compared to 50 other major metro areas.

It rated so highly, in part, because more people get exercise, eat their fruits and vegetables, and because fewer people smoke. The Sacramento region also has more farmers markets than average, more people biking to work as well as more ball diamonds, dog parks, playgrounds and golf courses than average.  – Sacramento Business Journal

There are, of course, areas of improvement such as mental health, number of people with asthma, heart disease and diabetes. But what do you think? Are we that healthy?


Are you an Olympics junky? (I think I might be. I’m really excited, actually. Because HOCKEY.) But I’m a little conflicted about the opening ceremony outfits. The big reveal was this week and they’re…something. Maybe it’s just that I’m distracted by all the awesome, I can’t focus enough on loving them. Either way, I feel like it’s A LOT for my eyes to take in.


How to Live Before You Die
What would our world be like if Steve Jobs hadn’t been so rad? I know that’s a bit of a dramatic statement, but I’m quite attached to my iPhone. And PIXAR movies make me ridiculously happy. I’m just saying I’m a fan of things he was able to accomplish. In honor of Macintosh’s 30th birthday, Ted posted a link to the video of Steve Jobs giving a speech at a Stanford graduation. Pretty powerful.


 Have a great weekend, everyone!

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