Why Disneyland is the Absolute Best at Christmas

Christmas at Disneyland

I love Disneyland at Christmas. And Halloween. But Christmas. Christmas at Disneyland is my favorite.


I can’t help it. We love Disneyland on a DEEP level. We love Christmas at Disneyland in a way that borders on unhealthy. I would apologize for this, but I’m too busy being obsessed with all the awesome from our most recent trip. (Side note: I didn’t get a chance to go back for beignets and so I feel like I might have to schedule a trip for JUST MYSELF to rectify this situation. I *may* apologize for that.)

But since I’m still technically on some Disney high, here are some completely ridiculous and awesome reasons why Christmas at Disneyland is my favorite!!

Christmas Decorations Are My Favorite

I love Christmas decorations. I love the way they make me feel. I love my house decorated for Christmas. You see where this is going. Main Street, the castle…New Orleans Square: ALL DECORATED FOR CHRISTMAS IT MAKES ME HAPPY.




The Haunted Mansion 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion stays from Halloween to Christmas and I AM HERE FOR THAT. Or THERE for that. Something. Because you know what makes the Haunted Mansion so much better? Jack Skellington and Zero and the host of other characters that just make it that much more awesome.

Disneyland at Christmas



Listen. I bet a few of you live in snow and don’t really find it magical. But the rest of us lost our effing minds when we see it in real life. (Hashtag: Californians.) But the thing of it is, THE CASTLE is all lit up like a Christmas Tree version of the castle and then it snows on Main Street like it’s MAGIC. It feels like magic, please don’t rain on my Main Street parade. That’s just not nice. Just trust me that snow on Main Street is something you don’t want to miss.

Holiday Card Picture Magic

Is there anything happier than a picture in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle? So I get that there are usually 100 people in the background of any picture you take but just think of them as your new best friends all there sharing in your love for Disney? IT’S LIKE A FAMILY REUNION. With your new Disney family!! (I got nothing. There’s lots of people. You embrace it and you take a cute picture in front of the castle and accidentally color coordinate because goodness knows I didn’t do that on purpose. Also, you can crop those peeps out, JUST SAYING.)

Disneyland at Christmas


Spending Time With Your College Aged Kids

Okay, fine…this may not apply to you, but holy crap it’s fun to bribe the kid that’s away at college to figure out a way to go on a quick trip to Disneyland. BECAUSE FAMILY. And having a damn good time because everyone seems to just revert back to being a kid at Disneyland in the best possible way. (Usually. Ahem.) 




disneyland at Christmas


Or maybe this is just gratuitous pictures of my cute family. MAYBE IT IS WHO CARES. Because cute family. And I love them. And I love going to Disneyland with them. But you guys, my Christmas wish for you is that there will be a day when you can visit Disneyland over the holidays and see it in all the holiday glory. It is stupid magical. And that’s really saying something for a place that’s already pretty damn good at magic. Well done, Disney. Well done.



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