You Have Such A Pretty Face, Or What’s In My Makeup Bag

Sarah Maren PhotographyNot very many people tell me I’m beautiful.  Which is fine.  But A LOT of people tell me my makeup is awesome.  This is also fine.  I have decided that people saying my makeup is awesome is the same thing as telling me I’m pretty.  Silver linings people.  My makeup bag is like an appendage at this point in my life.  My husband understands that the counter of our bathroom is MY DOMAIN and not to mess with the delicate balance of things.  When we were engaged Dustin went with me to pick up some “essentials” from the makeup counter. He has never returned to a makeup counter with me because his lesson was learned. Never ask a woman how much she weighs, how old she is or how much money she spends on makeup.  It’s for the best. In the spirit of sisterhood, I thought I would share with you a few of my FAVORITE items from my makeup bag. Because let’s be honest.  If I shared it all we’d be here for DAYS.

The Foundation of ALL Good Things

Sarah Maren PhotographyMy children have asked me if I have black eyes before.  Like, “Hey Mom! Did you get in a fight or something? You have black eyes.” And then I want to give THEM black eyes, but I don’t.  No, I don’t have black eyes children.  I am tired.  I spend too much time in a dark room staring at a screen and did I mention I am tired?  Those things and my Scicilian heritage give me some lovely dark under eye circles.  I will tell you I have tried EVERY DAMN CONCEALER ON EARTH and only be exaggerating a TINY bit.  It wasn’t until my dear pal LeiLani introduced me to Clinique’s Line Smoothing Concealer that my life was truly changed.  As in, I had a RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE when she put this stuff on my face. I no longer looked like I was part of a Fight Club! I looked like I slept at night! I went out and immediately bought three tubes of it.  I rarely leave the house without it on because it makes me look human.  I use a MAC 130 Short Duo Fibre brush to blend it in.  Then I blend in a touch of Smashbox BB Cream to give me a beautiful foundation to start working my magic.

Flawless – Just Like Beyonce

Sarah Maren PhotographyApplication wise – powder, bronzer and blush come after eye makeup, but I’m going to talk to you about them first because they are very important.  For me, the perfect powder is MAC Studio Fix Powder.  I don’t use the sponge it comes with to apply because that makes you look like your skin is a thick mass of nasty.  No.  I use a MAC 187 Duo Fiber Face Brush for this.  Yes, it’s the big sister of the brush I use to apply liquid foundation and it is GLORIOUS.  Freaking flawless every time.  I have two of these particular brushes – one for powder, one for blush.  Because YES it makes a damn fine blush brush too! But the blush brush that steals my heart (and applys MAC’s Dame Blush best) is the MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush.  It just does EVERYTHING right!  For bronzer I use MAC “Mineralize” Skinfinish for contouring and giving me a slight glow.  I could write a book about how to NOT use bronzer (as in DO NOT put it ALL OVER YOUR FACE!) but I’ll save that for another post.  I apply bronzer with the MAC 134 Large Powder Brush because I like my contouring subtle.  I am not a Kardashian! And I like it that way.

Sarah Maren Photography


It’s All About The EyesSarah Maren PhotographyEye makeup is MY JAM!  It’s what I get excited about, it’s what I love.  I have more eye shadow than should be allowed by law.  I have more eye shadow brushes than I’m comfortable disclosing.  I will tell you this though – it’s ALL about pallets.  Pallets get you the most bang for your buck by far.  Don’t get me wrong, I will buy a single color on it’s own when needed, but if I can get it in a pallet that just makes it better.  MAC let’s you make your own pallets (that 4 shadow pallet was made for me by a makeup artist) or you can get pallets around the holidays that are AMAZING!  Dustin bought me that purple pallet from MAC last Christmas and it just made the fact that he is perfect for me even clearer. And I had an AMAZING client Pinterest stalk me last year and send me Urban Decay’s Naked 3 pallet as a thank you gift. How’d I get such awesome people in my life?  As for brushes the four I can’t live without are the 219 Pencil Brush for the perfect crease application, the 213 Fluff Brush for blending or applying base color, the 227 Large Fluff Brush for blending and the 275 Medium Angled Shading Brush for basically making you prettier without even trying. Eye makeup application is all about layering and blending.  Brushes are a HUGE part of that.  This is where you spend money on brushes.  Who am I kidding?  Brushes are where you spend money.  These are the tools of awesome makeup and make the biggest impact on how your makeup looks.  I have bought brushes slowly over time, bought holiday brush collections (these are AMAZING) and been gifted a brush or two.  Cleaning them is important too!  The internet is full of awesome eye makeup tutorials!  Take advantage of it!

Sarah Maren PhotographyThe final step for me is applying MAC Prep + Prime Finishing Mist.  This stuff is THE BEST!  I sometimes just give myself a little mist when I’m walking through my bathroom.  It’s refreshing!  I hate reapplying makeup, and this finishing spray helps my makeup last through even a 10 hour wedding!  It’s the best and I highly recommend!

So that’s it!  (Mostly… sort of… well a little bit really) That’s what’s in my makeup bag.  What’s your FAVORITE makeup product? Share in the comments!


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    Summer C
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    You just HAD to post this during the sephora 10% off sale, DIDN’T YOU. And now I have to go into a MAC store and talk to the beautiful unicorn employees and buy 800 things there, too. Sigh. This is all your fault, YOU STUNNING MAJESTIC LADY FRIEND. Glad you like the Naked Palette :)

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